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Update 002 — Prototype progress

Feb 23, 2024

Another two months, another update!

We’ve been busy and finally have something to show for it. Behold:


Okay, okay, don’t get too excited. This is a working prototype. I am sharing this with you only because we are friends, okay?

In fact, it already has a few mistakes:

Prototype, annotated

The whole shape of the thing will be different once we design our own board. Smaller. Maybe round? Hard to tell :) Meanwhile, we develop on those.

What are we developing? Well, it can measure light levels underneath. Notice the numbers in the console when background changes:

Okay, I have one more video to share. Our board of directors was meeting today and we recorded another demo:

YES it will be smaller. Relax. Size doesn’t always matter.

Next steps

Prototype progress has set morale very high. Next steps include:

All in Rust, of course. So safe. So strongly typed.

Until soon,
Niki & Dan

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